Celebrity Deaths - 2017


Who around here would you think Hugh is most like?


@Boxtyeater or @Fagan_ODowd


I’ve rode more women than Hef


Only two in total it would seem Jon.


You know nothing


He was a fucking weird cunt mate, lived with women that hated him
I’d say @HBV


I admired him as a visionary but I couldn’t ever have lived his life.
All those crazy bitches fighting and gnawing at each other 24/7 would be a nightmare. I’d say he had the patience of a saint.


Thanks for the mammaries Hugh…


Whatever you say about Hugh he must have lurked here on the fitness and coaching threads and has probably consumed all @caoimhaoin’s musings. The ideal product of extensive S+C workouts he played Senior for a hell of a span.
Following on, he imparted his experience to his young panellists - how to cope with dangerous dropping balls, how to grip the shaft correctly and how to cope with sly pokes from behind being among his areas of expertise.

The daily routine doubtless saw Hugh with the feadóg, Cody-esque, as his charges did laps of the mansion before plunging into champagne baths for the group hug…He also had a weekly magazine, an early Gaelic Sport type thing where players recounted their exercise regimes and other trivia. They all looked very fit.

The late Hugh was a visionary imo.


Tom Petty


Not confirmed?


Heart broken if that’s true


Ah no.

I’m free fallin’.


Awful. Must try harder.


Stay strong, don’t back down



Massive heart attack. Reportedly taken off life support at hospital.


Hopefully he hasn’t gone into the great wide open yet and he’s just running down a dream.


A full cardiac arrest would literally be a heartbreaker alright.


Such a shame, I’d read recently as well that he was only after starting learning to fly but that he’d ain’t got wings yet.