Celebrity Deaths - 2017


That would explain my fondness for some of his tunes so. I like the Travelling Wilburys too.

You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down.

A lovely lyric.


Finished a tour last Monday, to universally positive reviews. Decent way to close out I guess.


Tom lives…


Never thought Dylan would outlive the rest of the traveling wilburys


He didn’t


Still going great guns !!


Toms still going too guys


Reports are now saying that Tom Petty is still on life support. This looks like another Tony Keady type scenario.



Not the end of the line for Tom hopefully.


Tom won’t back down too easy .


Ah not Tom…


We need a Tom Petty clock


Must be some stand off going on at the gates of hell as we type


He’s coming to the end of the line all the same though.


Tom still sitting Pretty by the sounds of it.


His heart isn’t completely broken yet.


He’s just runnin down a dream.


He’s just runnin’ down a dream.

This pun has been done numerous times already so I thought I’d get in on the act too.


Is he dead or what’s happening?


He won’t come around here no more