Celebrity Deaths - 2017


Tom Petty confirmed to have passed away.





RIP , Tom .


He never backed down to be fair to him.





Sad to see everyone resorting to puns here at such sad news. It’s beneath the forum, very Petty.




Tom Petty was great, the puns are all shit, cop on.

RIP, I had recently gotten back into Tom because of the war on drugs.




John Kelly played a little bit of Tom just before the end of the programme.


I always found Tom Petty a bit bland I must say.


Fuck. One of the greats. Got to see him in the point a few years ago. Brilliant gig. RIP.


Tom Petty was a good one. RIP


Wonderfully mellow I thought .


One of the greatest Super Bowl shows of all time.


66 is no age.


I’d tend to agree with you.




In one of the best Suoerbowls too.


That’s shite about Tom Petty. I always associate “I Won’t Back Down” with the 1994 World Cup when RTE used it for montages of the Eire team before the matches which led straight into George Hamilton’s commentaries, and ultimately the jinxed Jimmy Magee one against Holland.