Celebrity Deaths 2019


@Locke, this chap, whoever he is, just disqualified himself.


A bit of fun, taking this a little bit serious aren’t we. Seriously man get a grip.


Olivia De Havilland
Betty White
Dick Van Dyke
Doris Day
Alison Spittle


Fuck off @Fitzy


Are you alright? This is the most serious and prestigious thread on TFK every year.
Jesus Christ, have some respect.




Robert Wagner
Bob Dillon
Robert Mugabe
Bill Cosby
Joan Collins ( actress )


Fucking cunts taking Van Dyke ive had him nearly a decade.

Clint Eastwood
Angela Lansbury
Sean Connery
Sidney Poitier
Gene Hackman


Jon Waters
George Hook
Anthony Hopkins
John Major


Ron Atkinson
Niall Toibin
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Cliff Lazarenko
Gemma O’Doherty


The Queen is gone, also @myboyblue Van Dyke was taken by @Matty_Hislop. @Locke is asleep at the wheel probably drunk such is the Kilkenny culture so I will be taking over from here on out.


Olivia De Havilland
Betty White
Stirling Moss
Doris Day
Alison Spittle


Michael Parkinson
Michael Douglas
Michael Lowry
Michael Jordan
Michael Moore


Schumacher ineligible


Fair enough. Will edit .


Jon Waters
George Hook
Anthony Hopkins
John Major
John Cleese


Mary O’Rourke (NAP)
Ian Bailey.
Kenny Dalglish.
Elton John.
Ian Woosnam.


Bruce Springsteen
Bobby Charlton
Nobby Stiles
Mike Summerbee


@artfoley, you’re better than this. Edit please, thanks