Celebrity Deaths 2019


Jack Charlton
Sir Alex Ferguson
Tommy Doherty
John Giles
Barack Obama

Edit: The Rules (ffs sakes)
Up to five celebs can be selected
Full names to be given
No celeb who we know has an underlying illness is accepted, the Gay Byrne rule
No celeb over the age of 95 accepted, the Kirk Douglas rule
No double posting of a celebs name. Up to you to read through the other nominations to make sure yours are legit.
If there is a double post it’s up to the original nominator to rectify
Both Irish and international celebs accepted.
No moderation needed ffs @Watchyourtoes


talk about your low hanging fruit.

anyway my choices are

Camilla Windsor
billy joel
kiki dee
brian cowen
michael d higgins


Prince Philip, if he isn’t already
The Queen
Conor McGregor
Gerry Adams


It’s hardly surprising the first post on this thread are low hanging fruit?
Who is Miggledy?


David Attenborough
Christy Moore
Michael Heseltine
David Bailey
Paul Gascoigne


Michael d Higgins AKA miggledy


@Locke will you post up the rules as well for god sake.


Can you refer to him by his name then ffs?
Who is Camilla?
Is anyone adjudicating this? @Locke can you sort this shit out please mate?


Dick van Dyke
Ted Walsh
George Hamilton
Tony Bennett
John Connors


Kirk Douglas,
Lester piggott
Owen wilson
Demi lovato
Jackie Stewart


Mate, you may not be familiar with the rules. You can’t nominate someone already nominated by another poster.
You’ll need to revisit your selection.
@Locke will be along shortly to issue you an infraction.


This is a shambles already.


I was typing that you numpty I didn’t read any of the others. I’m standing by my selections. If you don’t like it, well happy new year


Miguel Indurain
Carl Lewis
Keith Richards
Iggy Pop
Neil Francis


I’ve edited my post.


Alan Arkin
Kimi Räikkönen
Donald Trump
Paddy Moloney
Eddie Vedder


Signing out.


Did you just die?


You’re a good man and true Matty.


No, but I’m on the e-way out.