Celebrity Deaths 2019


Has anyone got Billy Connolly?


What will keep the site going in their stead?


He’s got Parkinsons, it won’t matter if anyone has him.


Billy Connelly
Ian McKellen
Josh Brolins dad
Bob Hawke ineligible - Tina Turner
Jonah Hill

I’d imagine 1 or 2 may be taken, come @ me.




Lads, can we put a stop to this incredibly poor show?


You die with Parkinsons not from it, my Grandmother lived with it over 40 odd years before passing away and she had type 1 diabetes with it most of the way. It will take a few years off you no doubt but we may as well forbid any heavy smokers in here if we look at it that way.


And people who eat sea food. Drink alcohol. Eat fast food…




Use office tea bags


Can we just call a halt lads ?


Don’t look at the thread?


Bob Hawke is ineligible


@Locke is some man to pontificate when it suits … But every year he takes great delight in wishing death upon people.


Death comes to us all. Fact of life tbf


What is dead may never die.


It’s akin to sitting outside an A&E waiting for ambulances.

Extremely strange carryon.


Amen brother


Put this shit out of its misery, sorry @Locke, I love you but this is a pile of steaming jobbies


I love you too, brah. Coming from you it means a lot.

This will be the last year I will be inviting forumites to put up those celebs they think will meet their maker in the next 12 months.

I will invite forumites to put up those celebs who do pass on from us on this thread and subsequent threads in years to come*

  • if anything should happen to me I’d like @carryharry to set up the thread in my absence