Celebrity Deaths 2021

Need a new strategy this year.

Graham Norton
Ray D’Arcy
Imelda May
Johnny Giles
Tony Blair

Bob Geldof

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Ric Flair

Alex Ferguson
Queen Elizabeth
Michael D
Mary Robinson
Conor McGregor

John Major
Dave Fanning
Thelma Mansfield

Tom Cruise
Tom Selleck
Tommy Tiernan
Tommy Fleming
Tom Brady


Joe Biden
Brian Ormond
Megan markle
Sam Smith
John Daleney

:astonished: :flushed::flushed:

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Al Porter
Christy Kinehan
Bobby Charlton
Gerry Hutch

Prince Edward
Betty White
Dick Van Dyke
Bob Dole
Roy Curtis

Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel
Eamonn Dunphy
Pat Kenny

Jonjo Shelvey
Jonjo O Neill
John Legend
John Parrott
John McEnroe

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The Pope
Ger Loughnane
Margaret Keenan
Annie Lynch
Michael Schumacher

Brian Cowen? He’s effectively dead sure.

Correct. The ‘Tap in’ rule applies. Like when I had Big Jack last year but it was deemed a tap in.


Fine I’ll replace Cowen with Michael Schumacher

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Johnny Logan
Louis Walsh
Marty Morrissey
Michael Lyster
Roy Hodgson

It’s gone from a tap in to a penalty with no goalkeeper!