Celebrity Deaths 2024 (play either flank of a back 4)

That MC5 album was very much of its time. I don’t think it holds up well today.

Joe Kinnear

Ah no Joe

That’s definitely the second time he’s died.

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JFK mark two. R.I.P. to him. Great servant for Ireland too, said he learned how to play properly in the Kimmage street leagues

Joe Kinnear was in the business and he knew the game.



I was gutted when he didn’t get the Ireland job after Jack,

‘Yohan Kebabs’
‘Fernando Costacouto’

‘Who here is Simon Bird?’

‘You’re a cunt!’

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That’s a hell of a circuitous route to management


Joe seemed like good craic

He did some job at Wimbledon.

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A good lad


His first five years at Spurs he won four major trophies.
Seems all kind of wrong hearing that earlier

I only new about him because in the football manager games he’d be invariably linked with the Republic of Ireland job.

He then randomly got the Newcastle job ten years ago or so didn’t he?

Seemed like good fun.



Wilson has you from the opening

It is part of the tragedy of life that what we did last tends to remain fresher in the memory than what we did best. It is part of Joe Kinnear’s tragedy that his final stint as a manager, at Newcastle in the 2008-09 season, contained one of the great openings to a press conference

Kinnear: “Which one is Simon Bird?”

Simon Bird: “Me.”

Kinnear: “You’re a cunt.”

Bird: “Thank you.”

Oj Simpson is dead.


The juice is no longer on the loose!

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