Celtic Matchday discussion thread

The Angelution begins.

Never heard of them.

Jersey looks nice

Looks like something off the bargain rail in jjb

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A 3-1 win over the owls.

By most accounts:

  • we started poorly but ended up playing well
  • high tempo game with a very high press
  • Ralston was an abomination
  • Soro was really poor
  • Shaw very impressive
  • Moffat good too
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Good start here. Impressive.

They’ll have the league won by Christmas.

Good goal…


Oh has been very good this evening.

Maeda off. Second yellow.

I think we are seeing that CCV carries Starfelt. He’s been dreadful again tonight. Don’t think Kobayashi has the physicality for Scottish football.

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VAR will surely overturn that one.

That was far more a penalty.

We gave Bain a 3 year contract.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey.