Celtic Non-Matchday Discussion


Ó think James McCarthy would be a very good signing for Celtic right now. I’d imagine he would definitely try and push the move through if Celtic firmed an interest in him.


Celtic have released a statement. :laughing:



Hmmm. A loan of a championship player isn’t really a strong signal of investment.

No option to buy either. Not sure what the point is


The point is to spend as little money on the team as possible and allow the major shareholders to coin it in. It’s been that way for sometime.

I think Burke has a lot of potential but seems to have done nothing in the past few years, the lack of an option to buy is very disappointing as you have said, if he doesn’t contribute then we just have deadwood for rest of the season, if he has a good 6 months then West Brom will drive his price up. There doesn’t really seem to be any plus out of it for Celtic.


Agreed bhoys. Burke on loan follows the trend of Roberts, Musonda and Arzani.

Celtic need to be identifying these talented young players early on, signing them to long term deals and selling them on for profits. That’s basically the only way will avoid stagnating, as the commercial revenue and prize money from playing in Scotland is crap.

No real point in taking these chaps on loan when there’s no option to purchase. It’s short term thinking and it’s partly why our squad is unbalanced with certain positions stacked and others bare.


I see Leigh Griffiths was at the races today…


Bid made for Houston Dynamo wide attacker Alberth Elis according to reports. I’d never heard of him. €6m or £6m or $6m depending on the source.


Presumably it’s him and Weah which means the Bayo deal is dead.

He looks quite similar to Burke in style, more force than subtlety. From the video I’ve seen he looks worth a punt for that kind of money.


Looks like it is Bayo and not the Honduran lad we are after.


Yeah that Honduran lad was just people putting 2 and 2 together and getting the wrong answer.

It’s 4

Stephen McGowan is the most reliable journalist covering Celtic for some reason and his article this morning says:

  • Weah will be doing a medical tomorrow and will be signing for 18 months (good news on the duration and I don’t think we could realistically hope to have an option to buy him given his pedigree)
  • Improved and final offer of £2m for Bayo which sources are confident will be accepted.

Some negativity around Bayo but he definitely suits our profile and looks a reasonable prospect anyway.


Yeah, probably due to the Bangura and Balde deals. Worth a punt though as loan signings are generally a fairly fruitless endeavour.

He looks like a more natural striker than Edouard who sometimes looks more at home off the left.

Now to sort right back and midfield.


Yeah Edouard is a smashing player but not an out and out striker. He looked excellent with Dembele but never really got to play together enough.

This guy looks raw but he might be just what we need. I never thought Bangura looked in any way competent.


Weah has signed. 6 months only. Not ideal.

We will likely need to replace Boyata, Benkovic, Weah and Burke in the summer. On top of whatever we need to do about our right back and striker absences and the shortage in midfield.


Edouard is a donkey.


Wil(l) Trapp from Colombus Crew is linked. He’s a defensive midfield player.


Trap or Trapp?



Wil Trapp according to Wiki.



Boom Boom, let me hear you say Bayo, Bayo