Celtic v Aberdeen ☘


A blatant shove ignored there.

Very good half from Celtic. Started really well and faded a bit but that was a wonderful goal and we finished the half very strongly.



Ally McCoist appealing for a penalty for Aberdeen in the league cup final about 5 months later.

Not sure why the first yellow isn’t one either. It was a clear booking. And the second one could easily be a straight red.


Now Ally thinks Forrest should have been booked for diving but given a free kick for being fouled.


Some goal by Forrest.

That Lewis Ferguson is a thug.

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I’m not a fan of those slow/stutter step penalty run ups but that is a great peno by Eduard.


Aberdeen have really looked incredibly limited today. Kicking everything that moves


That’s what they do.


Johnny Hayes has been good. Best I’ve seen him play for Celtic. Very direct

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Rogic has barely touched it since he came on but they’ve been man marking all game and it’s just leaving so much space for our midfield and centre backs pushing forward.


Yes but they’ve had to play that card too often today. They are hammer throwers but usually not this desperate with it.


I think they had more belief today and then meant putting themselves about more. They’ve been outmuscled as well as outplayed though.


What channel are ye watching this on, fellas?


Eir sport 2

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Bye bye Lewis


They have lost the plot.


Look at that big Ferguson face on him! Thug.


Stupid tackle. Hopefully Celtic smash a few more home now.