Celtic v Dundee United

McGeady is out for this game so we’re likely to see McCourt, McGinn or Robson coming in for him.

Other than that it’s just Fortun who’s out (and he’s out for a good few weeks) so presumably it’s Sammy up top with McDonald.

I hope McCourt gets the start - that bhoy’s the future.

McManus played both Scotland games - if he’s to come back in then it should be for Caldwell rather than Loovens. But I’d keep Caldwell and Loovens in place for the time being.

Scott Brown’s still feeling the effects of that ankle injury which he’s been carrying. Mowbray says they’ll see if he can get through to the next international break and then they’ll revisit it.

Bandage will curse me for jinxing this but Huns are 0-0 with Motherwell with 12 minutes to go.

Motherwell were comfortable enough until recently but they’re very deep now.

Rocko, you fool.

This is great stuff. Love games like this.

Jim O’Brien should have gone down there when Naismith barged him but they survived.

Hateley the hun fuck should have scored.

Penalty. Stonewaller.

Stupid from Bougherra.

And off for dissent!!!

C’mon Jimbo…

Ah fuck it anyway. Good save actually.

McGregor some save. :clap:

Christ Motherwell are all over them now.

Finished nil all.

Thought Motherwell played very well for most of that. Passed it quite well and weren’t afraid to get forward. Gannon looks to have them setup quite well.

Thats a point gained for Rangers rather than 2 points dropped afer the penalty save.

Jim O’Brien has written a song and it’s apparently going to be released as a single. He was on radio in Scotland the other day doing live acoustic versions. I’ll try to find it on You Tube.

Jim O’Brien sings. :eek:


Brown playing wide to replace McGeady with Crosas playing in the middle.

Samaras is out too so Maloney is playing up top and McGinn has playing on the other flank.

Back 4 is the usual.

Not the tallest strikeforce in the world:


Hinkel Heid Loovens Fox

McGinn Crosas Brown N’Guemo

McDonald Maloney

Could also be a 4-3-3 or something.

Niall McGinn is starting today - big chance for him. No Samaras in the line-up, presume he got a knock on international duty. Not sure if Maloney’s playing wide left in a 4-3-3 or upfront with McDonald in a 4-4-2.

Celtic: 4-3-3:
Hinkel, Caldwell, Loovens, Fox,
Brown, N’Guemo, Crosas,
McGinn, McDonald, Maloney.


Celtic: 4-4-2:
Hinkel, Caldwell, Loovens, Fox,
Brown, N’Guemo, Crosas, McGinn,
McDonald, Maloney.

It’s less than a year since McGinn was playing down in Ferrycarrig Park against Wexford Youths - good luck to him.

Sunny day in Glasgow. Plenty of bumbles on show.

Hope this is a festival of freeflowing fenian football.

PM me a link please, Rocko. Have a jumpy enough stream at the minute.

I’ve an unsharable link Bandage. Software required. I’ll see what else I can find out.