Celtic v Ireland - Scott Brown Testimonial - 20/05/18

Cc. @Rocko @Bandage

Looks like I’ll be missing Wexford’s hurling championship opener against Dublin in Innovate Wexford Park now.


Question, why do some football players take early testimonials? He’s got another year or two surely?

I’ve always liked Scott Brown, good player.

The picture of him walking around in Russia at -20 in a t-shirt said it all

What did it say?

Nice touch giving some money to Liam Miller’s family as well as the other charities


Do they not just happen after ten years at a club?

I’d say it said that he’s a fucking eejit, if its even true

Oh its true, but I’m just curious how many things a lad wearing a t shirt in Russia says about him. It was a bizarre statement, but sadly not his first tonight going on evidence in the COTY thread.

I don’t know.

Yes . In general that happens , but as is understand it isn’t contractual .

Done by a committee rather than the club .

Is this Cunneen guy a Limerick journalist? Why is he getting so excited about a testimonial?


That’s brilliant. :laughing:

The comments are great though, he’s really wound them up.
‘You’re missing a T in the middle of your surname’ :laughing:

That’s embarrassing.

no thanks


He has them like sausages in a pan.