Celtic v Kilmarnock ☘

Very happy with that midfield.

FFS sake

Very poor from Simunovic

That’s brutal defending by Simunovic. He’s been okay lately, but he’s not consistently good enough.

Power and Dicker snapping at everything in midfield (cc @mickee321).


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St Johnstone 2-2 Sevco. FT.

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Saw the equalizer :+1:



I’ve been nervous since the cup draw was made about going there next weekend pal… I fear the cup dominance will come to an end…



Looks an OG

A Paul Mannionesque finish from Edouard there.

Broadfoot having a meltdown at his keeper there.

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Celtic will have 3 sides of the ground. We should be able to keep things right and take them back to Celtic Park.

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He could end up with egg on his face over that.

Scalding poached eggs.


This was the equaliser for St Johnstone

Rangers are some team to throw away a lead… Really struggle to see out a game…