Celtic v Rangers, Viaplay Cup Final, Sunday 3pm

That joint promotional press conference yesterday with Ange & Beale was gas.

The awkwardness was off the charts, like they were being held under duress.


Ange had a fondness for GVB but has no time for that spoofer.

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Did Beale say something like the last 4 trophies in Scotland have been split between Celtic and Sevco? Did St Johnstone not win the cup pretty recently so it’s Celtic 2 with STJ and the Huns on 1 a piece? Or am I imagining that?

St Johnstone won both cups in 2020-21 as far as I recall. That was the shitty covid season with no fans when Lennon/Lawwell handed the huns the league. Celtic won the league and league cup last season and the huns won the cup. Beale’s not acknowledging the St Johnstone cup wins alright.

What team are you expecting tomorrow, bhoys?

I think it’ll be:

Johnston, CCV, Starfelt, Taylor,
Mooy, McGregor, Hatate,
Jota, Kyogo, Maeda.

Mooy has been outstanding since the World Cup and I think he’ll come back in after missing last weekend’s game with a minor niggle. O’Riley’s form has picked up lately so that’s the main decision for the manager.

I think the rest of the team is fairly straightforward, especially keeper and back four. Abada has a claim to start too but Jota and Maeda are established as first choice wide players.

A lot of talk about Celtic coming from Rangers players and management in the press recently and even more so this week. I wouldn’t say “fair play to them if they can back it up” because they’re cunts but it probably gives the game more edge. As @Rocko alluded to, GVB seemed like a decent guy and it was all very respectful between the managers but Beale is a mouth and their players are taking their lead from him.

Will the huns have the brown brogues on? We can only hope not.

Yeah that’s the team I’d be expecting. O’Riley and Abada the two who might threaten but think that’s the form team.

Jota Jota on the wing. :portugal::shamrock::handshake::ireland:


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Huns are

Tavernier, Goldson, Davies, Barisic,
Lundstram, Kamara,
Sakala, Tillman, Kent,

New signings Raskin and Cantwell on the bench.

I’m doing the words solid and uninspiring a huge disservice by using them to describe that Hun team. Solid in every sense of the word when describing Morelos…

I was encouraged that Beale set up at Ibrox the same way they had success with against Lennon. Block up the middle with wingers tucking in & width in possession from fullbacks pushing on & trying to hit them with long diagonals.

Celtic are much better at playing out from the back now & we were able to play through them at will early on. I thought they might sacrifice one of the more attack minded midfielders & play someone like Jack. They got back into the last game when the game turned a bit chaotic, direct balls forward, Starfelt having a moment or two (cc @scumpot) & them getting on second balls higher up the pitch.

I’m hopeful Hatate will have the room to influence the game & that Celtic won’t play a part in our downfall at the back this time. A lot of options on the Celtic bench in all sectors of the field too with O’Riley & Abada probably the first two pushing to come on.

Just hope that VAR doesn’t rear it’s ugly head now but 3-1 to the Bhoys.

As my pal im watching bits of it with said, there’s a saying in Galicia, “better to buy him a suit than invite him for dinner”

Rangers playing like they did under gerrard , very physical and trying to bully Celtic…a few of celts appear nervous .

Sakala getting the run of the right wing, Maeda not doing a tap in his own half