Celtic v Sevco ☘


A nod to Murty saying beforehand that their players celebrated when they got Celtic in the draw.



Bobby Madden with a name like that surely a Tim


He’s far from a Tim.


I wouldn’t know was just assuming - that said the Huns had a Murphy playing for them today


He was a season ticket holder at Rangers before getting up the refereeing ladder.




A sneak peak of the Rangers TV commentary before tomorrow morning’s “90 in 90” highlights segment:


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I wouldn’t know was just assuming - that said the Huns had a Murphy playing for them today
Scott Brown isn’t exactly synonymous with an Gaeltacht.


Celtic TV pitchside, behind the goal angles of the goals and celebrations yesterday.


Fire up a few of the rangers tweets there. I could do with a bit of a lift on a miserable Monday evening


I loved this moment - the strut on Brown after is quality


And again.



King Kenny sacked and Lee Wallace suspended.

Fans protesting.

Can they not afford paint anymore?


Full Rangers TV commentary of the four goals. Andy Little and a (French?) chap with the great Tom Miller this time. No Hugh Burns this time unfortunately. Tom’s comment about Rod Stewart at the end is class.


Ah that’s unreal … I missed that Sunday — Only a certain type of man can do that. The type of guy that doesnt feel the cold when it’s -20 outside… UNREAL.


It’s Moussa Dembele…and he goes for the panenka :cry:



It’s outright mutiny alright.

Halliday hauled off before half time and screaming abuse at Murty. “Yer a fuckin’ ballbag!”

Candeias, or whatever he’s called, giving him verbals and going straight down the tunnel when he was taken off.

Docherty and Morelos fighting in the tunnel at full time.

And now Miller being told he’s finished at Sevco and club captain Wallace suspended for tearing into Murty in the dressing room afterwards.

It would suit them better if they had the humility to go away and rebuild the club from the bottom up.

Instead they have that inherent misguided belief in their superiority and they can’t handle Celtic being ahead of them. So they’re prone to big statements and rash pronouncements about what they’re going to do, but they come crashing down to earth each time.

It’s total mismanagement from top to bottom. Yet it’s fascinating to watch.


Their Chairman is also a convicted criminal who is currently in contempt of court.

Their fans don’t seem to realise that he only got involved because he wants the 20 million David Murray nicked off him.

As long as someone tells them what they want to hear they’ll then a blind eye to it all. Despite their recent history. It’s very difficult to have any sympathy for them.