Celtic v St Johnstone ☘


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Stodgy stuff so far but that was a great finish.

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Carter Vickers booked there for getting kicked and punched.



Angeball is alive and well

Great to have the Greek up and running

Not the most exciting performance of the season but we controlled that game throughout and didn’t give them any chances at all.

We’re starting to have attacking options and out defending has improved. Midfield were good today but we do lack cover there.

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I thought that was a very good second half in particular, even though we didn’t get a load of goals to emphasise it. They were well spent by around the 70th minute from being pulled and dragged all over the pitch. They had no energy to get forward in support of Kane from the chasing they’d gotten and, as you say, they didn’t have a chance. They barely had the ball in the Celtic finalthird in truth. It wasn’t that exciting and the domination was sterile at times, but there was still plenty of chances and it could have been 3, 4 or 5 on another day.

When i was in my 20s when Larsson was at his peak their was loads of intetest in Celtic. Seems to have died a death. Pity really.