Celtic v St Mirren ☘

Nawrocki in for Scales
Yang for Maeda

As expected. I thought Welsh might have gotten a run. It does show the big drop in quality when your regulars are missing. Should have enough today though. Win first and then look at the goal difference.

That was a struggle. Didn’t really control the game at all.

Midfield aren’t really in it on the ball.

Our left side isn’t creating anything and are too slow on the ball. Yang has had a couple of nice tricks but his passing has been poor. He is making very little effort defensively. Kuhn looks more dangeous and energetic.

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I’m at a wedding today & was quite unsettled by the lack of match updates. :astonished:

One shot I think in that half.

It’s very windy and that’s disrupting us a bit but we haven’t passed the ball at all.


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Finished that nicely. Good work from AJ to turn the ball over in their half.

Yang and Kyogo have both missed big chances. Neither connected with the ball.


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Smashing cross from Johnston.

Playing much better this half. Johnston has been really good at injecting pace and driving forward.

All sorts of confusion here. Forrest looking to come on as a 6th change for Celtic. Supporters trying to stop it.

St Mirren made a change for a head injury in the first half so that gives both teams an extra one.



What a goal. What a player.