Celtic v West Ham July 2021

The game everybody wanted, the biggest* club in Scotland pits its might against a mediocre EPL yoyo club. I’m not big into predictions but I’m going to say a 4-0 win for the Hoops #KOH

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Are your boys coming tooled up @Locke?

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Ange! Ange! Ange!

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Dane Murray caught out there for the West Ham goal. Hopefully that’s is mistake for the week done.

A second goal there. Barkas had woeful positioning there. Just too much pace for Welsh too.

Oh and all from Ralston’s appalling touch at the other end.

Abada may just be the best player I’ve ever seen.


Ah Soro. Jesus hope he’s smarter than that midweek

Abada is just too good for them. Great cross.

I was surprised he picked the likely team for midweek again. He must be prioritising fitness/understanding over injury risk. I’m not watching but Barkas’ positioning seems to be all over the place judging by Twitter clips.

He’s just changed the whole team now before the hour.

Griffiths getting booed. Forrest on, thought he might start today.

Ended 6-2 to West Ham. I’m shocked, I thought Celtic were better than that.

Armstrong Oko-flex > Mipo.

Saw he scored the last goal.

I’ve some egg on my face for predicting a 4-0 win to the Celts.

Just saw the goals there. The Celts keeper for the second :man_facepalming:t2:

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Cost of Celtic starting XI £22.5m

Cost of West Ham starting XI £114m

Celtic league titles - over 50?
West Ham league titles - 0

Celtic cup wins lots and lots
West Ham - 3

Celtic European Cup wins - 1
West Ham Cup winners cup wins - 1

West Ham World Cup Wins 1
Celtic 0

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You’d need to get out of the group stages, I’ll give you that one.