Celtic vs Rangers - 24/10/10

The 2 most in-form teams in Europe clash in the east end of Glasgow this Sunday lunchtime.

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This promises to be a fucking cracking game.




Sales of Tennents and tear gas will skyrocket.

Read a report likening Steve Davis to Ian Durrant at the weekend - has he come on that much?

What’s the Depeche Mode reference DB?

Have you seen the vids Bandage has been posting lately of Celtic fans singing:

I just can’t get enough,
I just can’t get enough,
I just can’t get enough of do, do, do, do, do

Willie Collum has just been confirmed as referee for this.



DB…How many have we got going on the ryanair flight over on Sunday?
My bro

Will see if there is a bus to bring straight from the airport to Jurys!

The performance of both full backs in yesterday’s game was very promising ahead of this game. From the start of the season I was worried about the huns bombing balls on top of Cha at the back post as he’s brutal in the air. The huns have a history of sending McCulloch with elbows flailing at our full backs and only Andy Hinkel looked in anyway capable of dealing with that treatment in recent season. Neither Wilson nor Izaguirre are naturally dominant in the air but their positioning and aggression yesterday were spot on so that’s encouraging.

Concerns remain around the back 4 as a unit though. We gave up an awful lot of chances yesterday and still look very vulnerable to quick breaks and to any sort of change in direction from attacks. I think the defenders will need a bit more protection and I’d be inclined to start Juarez instead of Ki, but I’d be inclined to do that every week so not sure if Juarez has scuppered his chances with attitude or training or something.

Gary Hooper will win this on his own though.

Myself and The Beak on same flight as you Tipper. The Voice on later flight to Prestwick

FFS <_< can we not all just get over this shit
Hinkel is a hun (from Germany. Hun reference is that of a German around the First World War, not a Protestant football follower of a Protestant/Unionist football club)

Pretty sure it goes way back further than that Locke :smiley:

Locke the hun doesn’t even know what a hun is

and has been explained on here a million times before. hun hun hun

Typical Hun talk

Bring back Tags!!!

The Huns were a race of Eastern Europeans a couple of centuries AD. Àttillia the Hun did not fight in World War One as far as I know.

I fear Locke may be guilty of piecing history together from the back of sugar packets a la Grandpa Simpson.

So Attillia the Hun had trials as a schoolboy with Rangers around the time of the First World War… gotcha! :blink:

Rocko, are we going to this game? Gas to see you change your tune on Hopper after sniping at him constantly when we were over for the Hibs game. I said he had everything and to have a little patience with him given he was only making his way back from injury. You wouldn’t listen though.

Tipper, any tickets floating around?

just so as there is no confusion or you dont take offence to future reference Locke:

in 1961, rangers travelled to wolverhampton to play wolverhampton wanderers in the european cup winners cup. true to form, their supporters ran riot through the town destroying everything in their path. in an article appearing in the english press shortly afterwards they were described as ‘coming across the border like marauding huns’. thus, a humorous accurate and nonsectarian term of endearment was created for the rangers