Champions League 2015/16 Matchday 3

Roma 1 down to a peno in 3rd minute against Bayer Leverkusen.

Thought this was an interesting stat earlier:


Coming back strong now. Panic with a decent effort stopped. Unsure what to make if Digne so far.

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12 English players from 4 teams. No wonder the national team is shite in big competitions.

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Terrible defending from Digne and Rudiger.

Rudiger looks like a donkey.

Gibbs and young would make a great left hand side for England :smiley:

Futuro Capitano gets us back in it.

Come on.

Get Castan on now for this Rudiger joker.

Ramsey :smiley:

Florenzi is a little gem.

We’re dominating now, need to level this during this period.

De Rossi again!!!

Daje Roma!

Daje Danielino!

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Arsenal looking dangerous on the break. Bayern defending very high up the field

Amazing to think DDR came in for shocking criticism from so called Romanistas on the internet once upon a time.

DDR. :clap:

Neuer’s save:

Wow, what a strike from Foket (great name by the way).

He has responded very well to some gentle cajoling and challenge on here.

Outstanding reactions.