Champions League 2016/17 - Round of 8

Atletico Madrid v Leicester City
Borussia Dortmund v Monaco
Bayern Munich v Real Madrid
Barcelona v Juventus

Borussia Dortmund
Bayern Munich


Real Madrid-Bayern Munich ties have a fierce habit where victory alternates between the two with each successive tie, sort of like championship hurling meetings between Limerick and Clare.

It’s Munich’s turn this time. And they crucially have the clear advantage of playing at home first.

Madrid were owed a tough draw this time after consistently being the beneficiaries of piss easy draws over the years.

Atletico won’t be naive enough defensively for Leicester to qualify

That fanny Neuer nearly made an awful cock up.

Atleti Woof lead Leicester 1 zip.

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Ribery has been excellent so far.

Sublime header by Saul.

I’ve now switched over to the other game.

Casemiro kicking everything that moves.

I’ve done likewise. You’re a smart cookie, Bandage.

Alaba with an embarrassing free kick.

Real are a lot better defensively than Bayern but their attack has been so wasteful.

Robben scuffs an effort and Marcelo clears it off the line when it seemed goalbound.

Pelanty Bayern.

Casemiro a lucky boy.

Game on!

Squarehead nails it.

1-0 Bayern.

Great chance for Vidal.

This should be good now.

2-1 Bayern and extra time would be nice.