Champions League Matchday 3

Sergio puts City ahead in Moscow in front of an empty stadium.
Cue co-commentator Niall Quinn ‘‘Well that will certainly silence the crowd’’

Jimmy Milner :clap::clap::clap::clap:

2-0 Milner

2-1, Kompany caught flatfooted again

2 all now

Cunts. Never a penalty


2-2 FT. Some of them City players want shooting, barely looked interested in the 2nd half.

Not much sympathy for City, eased up completley in the 2nd half rather than go and kill the game off. Missing a world class playmaker in the Andy Reid mode to compete at the highest level

after the absolute horror show last night of Gary Neville and that imbecile Jamie Caragher on analysis sky slightly redeem themselves now with Glenn Hoddle however in order to balance it up a bit simpleton galore Jamie Redknapp is rolled in… the analysis of games on sky is truly awful, Hoddle is good but Redknapp is a comedian…
People can slag RTE but nothing and i mean nothing can be as bad as Carragher/Neville and Redders… Don Goodman on co commentary tonight now for the Malmo game will be epic as well

Pelligrini really needs to consider his position after that result

Maicon and Keita out.

De Sanctis;
Torosidis, Manolas, Yanga-Mbiwa, Cole;
Pjanic, De Rossi, Nainggolan;
Iturbe, Totti, Gervinho.

Manchester City’s result is kind to Roma too.

Quality second goal by Munich

3-0 :frowning:

Deary me.

Jesus, they’re making it look ridiculously easy.

[QUOTE=“Colin Montgomerie, post: 1034271, member: 9”]Manchester City’s result is kind to Roma too.
Pity Roma’s isnt

4 now


Come on lads, show these juicing cunts what we’re made of.