Champions League Matchday Four

Toure and Simunovic not in Celtic travelling squad. Bit strange with Simunovic - he’s still on a rehabilitation path apparently and we don’t want him travelling. So either Gamboa (with Lustig at CB) it O’Connell starting I assume.

O’Connell hasn’t played (as far as I recall) since he was pretty ropey in a 4-2 win at St Johnstone after one of the CL qualifier games. I don’t think he’s good enough but Gamboa hasn’t been too convincing so far either. I reckon Gamboa will get the nod as he’s been involved more recently and Rodgers seems to be integrating him slowly but surely - he started at Ross County with Lustig centre back and had twenty minutes at Aberdeen too. The Ross County game back four of Gamboa, Lustig, Sviatchenko and Izaguirre will probably start.


Do the Celtic fans have any "chucknorrisisms " for young O Connell. ??

Did we not register Boyata for the CL?

Is he for the off, think he resumed training and had runouts with the development team prior to Simunovic returning. Did he get another injury again?

I don’t hold much hope for us against BankofIreland MoneyCashBack.

I’ll be at Wembley Wednesday night attending the Spurs v Leverkusen game. Praying someone can score some fucking goals for the Yids, badly need to win this one.

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Not that I’m aware of, mate.

Serious question . Will he be good enough to play consistently for Celtic ?? He looks decent but a bit iffy on the turn .

He did us a turn in the early season qualification rounds before Toure signed and when Simunovic and Sviatchenko were injured but I don’t think he’s up to the required level. He’s a little bit slow, ponderous and prone to lapses.

I don’t know but he was shit last season though. Deila’s last season with Boyata, Ambrose, Boyata, Kazim-Richards, Cole, Ciftci etc was dire.

Team news is imminent, bhoys.

I’m a little concerned about the defence after Tierney’s injury last week and Toure and Simunovic being ruled out yesterday.

Expectations among the support are quite low after the game two weeks ago but Celtic have responded well to setbacks under Rodgers so far.

Think Armstrong deserves that chance ahead of Bitton. Back four looks ropey though.

The bench looks fairly shite too with Boyata and Ciftci back in.

That’s an unreal goal from Hamsik.


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Brendan Rodgers must only be about 5 foot 6. Eilidh Barbour was towering over him in the pre-match interview there.

I was wondering if Simunovic was injured again but Rodgers reiterated that he’s had two long term injuries, can currently only play once a week and they’re working to ultimately get him ready to play twice per week. Just seems surprising that they prioritised the Aberdeen game last Saturday for him given Celtic’s league lead. Tonight’s game is more decisive surely.

Need Brown to have another stormer tonight.

I also worry about us defending set pieces without the height / aerial strength of Jozo, Toure and Bitton. A lot of midgets in the team.

We are a lot smaller and noticeably we didn’t seem to have enough pace to cause the Germans any problems in the first game.

Not too optimistic tonight. A 3-0 defeat.

We’re struggling here.

Need to hang on.