Champions League Round of 16


Wow, City, PSG and Red Bull Leipzig, what an iconic group :heart_eyes:

Man UtD keep up their long standing tradition of getting a piss easy group.

Is there ere a European Cup between them?

With the lads that beat them in the EL final?

They have spent 100m since, they’ll batter em.

Group stage kicks off today.

Bayern-Barca is the highest profile game this evening. RTE of course are showing Young Boys vs Man Utd kicking off at 17:55 as their game.

If you have the Livescore app on your phone you can watch any game and can cast to a TV from the app apparently.


Ronnie Whelan just came through the airport so RTE is to be avoided

Man Utd have a huge support base in Eire and add the CR7 comeback it is a no brainier . Barcelona v Munich would largely have a hipster viewership

The games are meaningless until knockout.


Not sure your understanding of hipster is the same as most. Dortmund, Napoli, Red Bull- these were hipster teams of late. Nothing hipster about the might of Bayern and Barca

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Agree 100%

@Ashman is a little Englander that thinks anything that isn’t English is hipster

I realise that commercial concerns will dictate and Man U are currently a massive draw . Bigger than Munich & Skint Barcelona combined .

If that realisation makes me a Little Englander then so be it

Sure everybody knows that Man Utd are a bigger draw in Ireland, that’s why I said “of course”. Watching FC Hollywood and Barcelona playing being a “hipster choice” is pure little Englander stuff

Educate yourself on what a “little englander” means


lads i have Bang’s power box but i do need the ability to be able to record games and watch conference league games in Armenia so im thinking of investing in a TV package

i have eir currently which is a shambles
so , the question is , who should i switch that enables me coverage of the Europa league and Confernce league, if virgin have the european cup id debate going in with them but would i be adding BT then for stupid money?
i have no real EPL interest bar MOTD on a saturday so i dont need live coverage of that

thanks lads

You could always find streams of full.matches hosted online the day after too. Rojadirect one I used to use

Doubt that helps with the Armenian part of the puzzle tho…

thanks man
recording a highlights package is a big feature for me
on eir i cannot record Tommy Martin and brian Kerr’s analysis which is a huge problem …a dream scenario would the likes of BT hosting a Thursday night conference league highlights package with the like of James Horncastle- if i could record that id be in clover

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here is a lovely photo of james horncastle and philippe auclair taken at the subbuteo world cup a few years back…



Calling you a little englander is more hipster than wanting to watch bayern vs barca