Champions League Round of 57odd

Can’t figure out how I came up with 77 through 74 for the last round. Not sure how many teams are remaining but I think it’s 57.

Celtic @ Legia Warsaw is live on Setanta tomorrow. @Dirty Hands Walter will confirm if that is Setanta Ireland or Setanta Sports 1.

Stokes is fit and available for Celtic. New lad is also in the squad. Brown and Forrest remain injured. This looks like a very tough draw to be getting as a seeded team in this round. I’m worried.

I’m equally worried but those wily old turf accountants seem to think we’ll have little trouble disposing of them over the 2 legs.

Celtic should win. Legia are in their league season now though.

Is this Zyro lad their main threat?

No, the Serbian guy Radovic scores a few goals. And kosecki. Should be a great atmosphere.

@The Scouse Cafu can you please confirm if Maccabi tel Aviv’s opponents tonight were known as NK Maribor Teatanic before?

some decent games there tonight
panathanikos - liege
celtic - warsaw
maccabi - maribor
feyenoord - besiktas

Bit of an odd Celtic team. Berget starts. No Izzy, Stokes or Griffiths.

Cillian Sheridan on target tonight already.

[QUOTE=“Dirty Hands Walter, post: 991816, member: 9”]Bit of an odd Celtic team. Berget starts. No Izzy, Stokes or Griffiths.

Cillian Sheridan on target tonight already.[/QUOTE]
Very surprising.

Griffiths hasn’t really looked like he fits the system. He is quick enough but he’s not very clever. And yet surprising to see him dropped for a guy who joined the squad yesterday.

Matthews for Izzy is surprising too.

Please post links up later on, lads.

Maccabi Tel Aviv all over NK Maribor Teatinic here in Slovenia , still 0-0 after 15 tho.
Maharan Radi ( an Israeli-Arab ironically) is lording it in the middle, very tense athmosphere in the stadium tho, obviously the Slovene side have refused to travel here next week

@Dirty Hands Walter

Stream, lads?

Nice flick on from Pukki there but Commons was too busy trying to use his arse to knock the defender off balance and didn’t get his shot away.

Harsh. He got a little tug back.

Bright start from Celtic. You still need a link?

Brilliant from McGregor!!!1

McGregor, Commons and Pukki linked very well there. Helpful little deflection but reward for pressing them high (it came from dispossessing them in their half when they were content to knock it sideways) and pushing forward.

I’m fine now, thanks.

Great strike from McGregor.

Defence all over the shop there, poor from Forster?

McGregor has looked very sharp but Commons touch has been very poor.

Very disappointing to give it straight back. THey got a little fortunate too in that it seemed to come off Matthews. But we lost our shape with Virgil pressing up and Amnbrose a little slow to cover across.

Has Berget touched the ball?

Mulrgew giving the ball away very cheaply.