Champions League - Round of 8


But he did walk on the pitch?


What’s your obsession with John Travolta? Are you a scientologist, is that it?
That would make a lot of sense in fairness


He likes getting beaten to a pulp when his fiction is exposed.




Iron Mike doesn’t get too emotionally involved in a game of soccer between 20 odd millionaires for a pretend cup to make money for tv companies .


He’s juve talking


Calm down. You’re seething and I haven’t even broken a sweat. Night night



I hope I’m not the only Saturday night fever fan who gets that.


That’s fine, don’t post anything then and let the lads who are interested get on with it


That sounds highly defamatory. It would be here or in the UK.


I couldn’t give a contintinental


I am interested in it ok wonderful game and felt for Juventus but I won’t lose sleep over it . It is show biz and light entertainment . No one died .


What’s defamatory about it? There is factual evidence tonight that Oliver is a cheat.


It would be like me going into a horse racing thread during Cheltenham or NFL thread during the Superbowl and to start talking about the weather. Its strange


You clearly do


No . I near ya Matty


It’s a disgusting comment.

Buffon’s entire career is tarnished by his antics tonight.




Yes, really.


Go on…