Champions League - Round of 8



Ref made sure justice was done. Hard to make the call but was correct. Congratulations to CR7 and connections on an excellent quarter final. Wouldn’t begrudge them winning it out. A class side with zz as a top coach.




Fair enough but you ain’t from Madrid or Turin so don’t get too het up over it . You still have to go to work tomorrow and the boys will still get a bumper weekly wage ( which I don’t begrudge them btw) .



That was a great post . Worth of 2-3 dozen likes .





Is CR7 a horse?


He might be a horse, but he’s got no Mane.

Liverpool will klipetty-Klopp all over him.

Hendo will put him down like One Man at Aintree.


I haven’t seen any if the game but I am outraged at the treatment of one of my heroes, the man that is Buffon.


Don’t watch it past 90 minutes, it’s an outrage.




It’s all about Buffon these days. About time he fucked off and retired. He’s past it.




Agnelli is right. The decisions against Italian sides in recent years in Europe have been horrific, it can’t always be a coincidence. The big money of the EPL and Spanish big two impacts on weak refs like Oliver.


Very surprised to see 150 more posts since last night and even more surprisingly, they are all saying the same thing as the 150 posts before them. Very unusual for TFK.


Buffon is years past it. He seems like a very self centred person always about him and hogging the limelight.




Juve and Buffon went out on their shield.

We will always remember you Gigi.


I was amazed that Barca didn’t get a penalty late against Roma. I was even more amazed that a penalty was given against them.