Champions League - Round of 8


No point engaging in whataboutery again pal.

The peno was given, quite correctly, and the game is over.


It was, you are talking shit yet again Sid. Pop out and get some oxygen, it will do you good.


I could be like Robert De Niro, talking Italian for all you know of that language, mate. :grin:


That probably makes sense in your head.


It makes perfect sense to anybody who can understand English.

What’s your first language? Dutch?




You don’t understand the rules.


I do, you obviously don’t.


Clearly you don’t. You are saying a foul occurred when no such thing happened.


It was a foul and the peno was given. Maybe the penny will drop with you some day.


Vazquez should have been yellow carded for simulation.

The rotten nature of European football decision making was reaffirmed the following day when Ramos wrongly escaped suspension.


You Spurs fans have great imaginations, you saw a foul when a foul didn’t occur, a bit like how ye saw Harry Kane touch a ball when he didn’t.


Hislop will be telling us that that unicorns and dragons are real next.

I think it was him who thought the statue in Ballinspittle was moving.

Or perhaps it was Michael Oliver.


He needs to start back on his meds again.


Matty “Hallucinations” Hislop.


The foul did occur and the peno was given.

No amount of whingeing, whataboutery or gurning can change these facts.


Take your meds, no foul occurred. Not amount of false justification can explain the decision Michael Oliver came to.


I’m dealing in facts mate, the foul occurred and the peno was given. No amount of shit talk from either of you two can change the facts.


You’re not dealing in facts, you’re talking about imaginary incidents that never occurred.


All these incidents occurred and are in the record books.