Champions League - Round of 8


That shameful decision will forever be associated with Michael Oliver. Karma will come his way and he will go the way of Byron Moreno.


Hislop is eating too many crisps and drinking too much Sprite.

Too much Sprite doesn’t make Matty bright
It makes him see things in the night
Like a refereeing decision that was shite
And he hallucinates that it was right


It was a great call by Oliver, I hope he gets the final.


So we’re getting to the nub of it. You think cheating is superb.


Writing poetry about me on a Sunday morning. :laughing:

Rent free.


Hardly with Liverpool in it.


Ah, you should have chosen your words more carefully, you are now saying cheats should be rewarded


No, a normal person couldn’t possibly deduce that from what I’ve said.

I’ll spell it out for you again one last time.

It was a foul and a peno was correctly given. Buffon was correctly sent off for his disgraceful antics. Ronaldo scored the peno and Juve were knocked out.

They are the facts.

I’m off to mass now in Star of the sea, I’ll leave you two oddballs to each other to talk shit.


The implications for his wider world view are frightening.


Nice of Larry to pop in to join Curly and Moe.

See my post above.


Hislop is backing fraud as far as I’m concerned


He is the Bernie Madoff of the forum.


You’re not normal. You are trying to justify a travesty of match officiating and are using events which never occurred to rationalise it.


Hislop is like a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

He’ll be claiming “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams!” next.


I understood that it was and I see @Matty_Hislop has confirmed that it was the point he was making. @Matty_Hislop essentially made the point that Juventus are a team you either love or hate in Italy. So called Roma fans like @Cicero_Dandi and @The_Selfish_Giant who seem to cheer for Juventus as well would be completely unrepresentative of your typical Italian soccer fan. It would be like a Glasgow Celtic fan cheering for Glasgow Rangers when they are playing any side other than Glasgow Celtic. It just simply doesn’t happen.


I hate Cork and Dundalk, at times I like to see them do well in Europe

It’s ok to feel like this


A pretend Glasgow Celtic fan admitting its ok to cheer for rangers when they play in Europe. Jesus wept


Rangers aren’t Irish.


Geoff, you’re veering off topic.

You haven’t addressed the point.


Irony alert