Champions League - Round of 8


I was in Aughnacloy last week. Had a meal in a lovely Italian restaurant.

Got chatting to the owner who is a massive Roma supporter. His name is Fulvio and he reckoned that Juve were robbed by that “cheating English motherfucker”




Fulvio is a great guy.


Did you get a yellow pack pizza?


I was away Geoffrey. Apologies for my tardiness.

I fully endorse his officiating. He was excellent. As usual.


great to see Michael Oliver in charge



That’s a smashing way for our FA to announce to the Italians, to Europe and to the world that we endorse, support and stand behind Michael Oliver. A superb referee.


Fixed that.


How is he a cheat mate?


he cheated


The only people who still spout that are posting here, every knowledgeable observer believes he was 100% correct,


You aren’t actually saying anything of note there, its just fluff to reinforce your point


I’m gonna stop now mate, I’d say @Ambrose_McNulty is taking notes


Well deserved appointment. Michael Oliver is one of the very best referees in England. Geographically, he’s from Ashington, Northumberland (birthplace of the Charlton brothers) so that’s acceptable as well for an FA Cup final involving sides from Manchester and London.

Unusual step by the FA to appoint Anthony Taylor from Manchester to referee the Manchester United v Tottenham semi final last weekend.


Lads can you watch tonight’s match on TV3 player??


DDR wears 16 in honour of his footballing hero, thanks to OTB for that interesting fact


I presume so, mate…


Dzeko’s touch and lay offs so far. :blush:



Roma giving a better account of themselves than man city.


Very unusual indeed. He had only refereed them 22 times previously.