Champions League - Round of 8


You’re new around here kid. You’d want to be careful though. You could get into trouble with the administrators if you continue putting the boot into Michael Oliver. @Rocko is a long standing admirer.


They are facts you idiot.

Oliver issued a yellow card to the England no 1 keeper when he headed him. Buffon protests a disgraceful award of a penalty that decides the game and gets a red card. It says all we need to know about Michael Oliver, a cheat.


People in general learn from their mistakes, I’m continuing to suspect you really are very thick


You’re tired and emotional. Go and have a lie down.


The working week will soon be upon us. We’ll get a break from the stupidity while he’s on the forklift.


It would be nice if I could offer you advice but your xenophobia is hardwired and unlikely to be changed.


Its great to get proper insight like that from people who have been on the ground, I was in Rome last Tuesday and they couldn’t give a fcuk about Juve


A masterclass from @Cicero_Dandi here - it would remind you of Andrea Pirlo, while his opponents would remind you of Joe Hart diving out of the way of Pirlo’s Panenka penalty in Euro 2012.

Pirlo also played for Juventus, although I’m sure even as a Roma fan Cicero won’t object to the comparison.


Do they still have punch ups in the Italian parliament when Juventus get the dodgy decisions? I don’t ever recall a punch up in the House of Commons over a soccer match.


Isn’t there a couple of ongoing investigations into links between juve and the n’drangetha?


That post has got me imagining a punch up in the dail between Willie O Dea and Richard Boyd Barrett over the award of the last free to Cuala in the drawn club final .


There is. @Cicero_Dandi was quoting Andrea Agnelli and his conspiracy theories at length about events in the Bernabeu on Wednesday night. When I asked @Cicero_Dandi for his views on Andrea Agnelli and links to organised crime, the cat got his tongue.


I just can’t understand Roma fans standing up for those Turin poofs


You’d think he’d be up in arms about this, especially as it’s the n’drangetha and not his beloved comorra


You’re a true Roma fan. These other fellows particularly this new kid @Cicero_Dandi seem to be complete bluffers. I very much doubt lapsed poster and Roma diehard @Nembo_Kid would have been cheering for or standing up for Juventus.


@Nembo_Kid was a proper poster


As was @Il_Bomber_Destro whod be rolling in his e-grave at this slight to roma


I’m against roma being cheated in Italy and Italian teams being cheated in Europe


Beep beep


They do. Bribing refs, drug taking programmes, match fixing to list but a few of the ways they manage to find in Serie A.

Juventus are less so relentless in the European Cup. Their record there pales in comparison to a genuine European superpower like AC Milan or even Internazionale. Benfica, Porto and Nottingham Forest from the second tier of English football all have better records in the European Cup than Juventus.