Champions League Round of Two

So how do we think this will go.

I’m guessing we’ll see the following starting line ups:


Carvajal Ramos Pepe Marcelo

Modric Illaramendi Di Maria

Ronaldo Benzema Bale

Villa Costa

Arda Tiago Gabi Koke

L Felipe Godín Miranda Juanfran

If Diego Costa isn’t fit then Raul Garcia will start and play just off Villa.

This is setup well to be a good game.

I’m predicting Real Madrid 2 Atletico Madrid 1 with Simeone’s men just running out of steam as the game nears the end.

Diego Godin to score a late winner in a 1-0 Atletico victory.

I’m not sure who I want to win.

I don’t know if I’m more annoyed by:
[]People who think it’s hip to support Atletico as the underdog
]or people who point out that actually Atletico are €400m in debt and are as guilty of overspending as anyone and think this is some obscure fact that they’re educating the world with
Either way there will be plenty of bullshit that will annoy me. I think I’d still prefer Atletico to win because I like Tiago, Godín and Raul Garcia. Ronaldo deserves another Champions League win though.

You tipped Real before the semis?

Real 1-0.

Royal Madrid to win 3-0. :frowning:

Real 3-0 Ronaldo hat trick in the greatest ever European Cup Final/Champions League Final performance.

La Decima.

Not a hope Ronaldo will score a hat trick. He needs loads of space to do anything which Atletico won’t give him.

3-1 to Real.

Atleti on penalties.

Rojiblancos - 2
Royalist/Fascist cunts - 0

Penalties and free kicks count dude.

It won’t be the greatest champions league final appearance of all time if all his goals are set pieces

He could breakdown with injury.

[QUOTE=“His Holiness Da Dalai Lama, post: 948577, member: 1503”]Rojiblancos - 2
Royalist/Fascist cunts - 0[/QUOTE]

Aren’t both clubs royalist/fascist cunts?


We’ll see.

Shush, dont ruin his little dream world.

Various Spanish journalist types tweeting that Khedira will slot in for Alonso and Bale will start upfront with injury doubt Benzema on the bench. Costa and Villa to be paired in attack for Atletico with Turan held in reserve.