This is a wind up.

What are you shitting about you cantankerous prink…

Who the fuck asked you, you cunt.

You did when you started the thread, seeing as this is a public forum and you never address your initial question to anyone you gormless prick…

Now now kids please get along… :smiley:

He started it

Flano don’t be at puke. Puke’s an alright sort.

I never asked a question you inbred mong rat. Maybe you could take a break from munching on your tongue like the retard you are and find out what a question is.

Flano that’s it. Go to your room.

I think we can all agree that this is bending the truth.

Artist’s impression of our newest member.

Flano is an allright sort.

Chavinahoody is an alright sort.

Donkeytail is an alright sort.

DANCARTERFISTSHISDA is an alright sort

ncc is an alright sort.