Cheating bitch

The summer of 1996 it was. She loved her jewellery and always gold around her neck. She let me give her a breast stroke, a back stroke, god I had butterflies. She said she would never cheat but a couple of years later I found out that she had been cheating all along. I was young, she was older and it took me ages to get over the whole affair.

Anybody else want to share their early romantic experiences?


Do you care about this? Celebrities I’ve never heard of thread.

You’ve never heard of William H Macy?


Siobhan McGuire, I thought she was a goddess. Turns out she was a cunt.

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Who’s she?

There is a good podcast series about this whole affair. Absolutely unbelievable what they were getting away with

She’s aged a lot over the whole thing. Used to be a serious milf in Desperate Housewives.

Ah shtop, stop it.

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I wont shtop it. I’m 100% correct on this

Never a milf.

Courtroom tactics, cant go in there poking too glam. 14 days in the big house, she’ll crack after 2.