Cheltenham... Davy Russell is back

Davy Russell is back


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Overly enthusiastic. No harm no foul.

Main man at Cheltenham looks like it.

Back for winning

Davy didn’t want to come back at all. He was pressured into it.

There was a near breakdown of the relationship between Gordon and Davy when he realised he wasn’t going to be riding Gerri Columbe and he didn’t turn up in Gordons for a few weeks after it.

It’s a pity for Davy as he was a top jockey and deserved to go out on a winner.

That was nasty business by O Leary to come out with those comments during the festival. If he didn’t think Davy should have come back then he shouldn’t have jocked him up on his horses.

I’d say we won’t hear or see from Davy for a long time now.

In fairness Gainsford deserved to keep that ride after winning the G1 and missing the DRF for it.

He’ll end up on Dalo’s podcast with Mark Landers