Chewy Louie Date Night

I wouldn’t expect a gentleman, or would i ask you, to reveal…but spill the beans, kid? Was it a first date? Will there be a second? What is her ethnic background? So many questions…

This is a lady that I have been courting since early November, pal. That is all I will be commenting on in this thread

Had you a nice time, mate?

Yes, pal. A most enjoyable night was had

That’s the main thing. The rest will take care of itself.

Where did you meet this lady Chewy?

:clap: :clap: :clap:

That’s great to hear and I wish you both well… Find out now tho if she is willing to breast feed or will it be a formula job! Best to find out these things early and not be a mug like @artfoley[/USER] and @[USER=110]Fran.

I’d imagine chewy could spot a diamond in the rough a long way off.

Given Chewy’s fondness for Marina and the Diamonds, I hope she isn’t a prima donna girl.

Did she give you a handjob around the back of the Dog & Duck?

I think it was more of a reach around when he was burying it into her gary glitrer


please lock this thread


@chewy louie
Is this young lady,
a, a single mother?
b, carrying your child?
c, expensive?

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please lock this thread[/quote]

Yeah he didn’t get any.