ChocolateMice's Super Bowl Party

All invited.

Please let me know in advance if you have any special dietary needs.

[]No craft beer
]kale crisps
[*]spinach dips

Choco I’m off that Monday and, as an event junkie, will probably have a few beers and watch this. I have fuck all interest in NFL but I know I don’t like the Patriots. Ok if I knock up to yours for this?

[QUOTE=“The Selfish Giant, post: 1078953, member: 80”]In
[]No craft beer
]kale crisps
[*]spinach dips

I will only allow official NFL sponsored beer on the night-Bud lite, Heineken, Carlsberg, Paulner… Glas can watch through the window if he rocks up with some hob-goblin ale.

Fire away, mate. The more the merrier… I’ll be moving out soon enough so we can thrash the place.

sign in @Blake .

any chance of you moving the party to Dublin? You have the added incentive that you can jeer @Scrunchie all night as the Patriots hammer the Seahawks.

[SIZE=3]- Organic fish fingers[/SIZE]

  • Curry sauce dip
  • No olives

They’re my requirements.

you fucking plonker @glasagusban

Will @princess be there?

Only if @Bandage[/USER] and [USER=1]@Rocko tag along.

Do you think i’d let her near any of you depraved animals? I’ll also be sending the cat out for the night.

What’s wrong mate? I’m sure whatever you lay on for us will be lovely, I’d like some harissa to dip in though, can’t get enough of the stuff lately.

@glasagusban will rape your cat

Signing out

No Mac’s allowed in i hope?

Ok, the cat can stay.

No- I don’t have a week of my life I can lend to give the cunt directions.


If you tip the Seahawks in the official NFL thread I might change my mind, mate-- I think every team you tipped in the play-offs lost.

No Macs mean you are allowed one…