Clare Gaa Thread mark II


He was in the Crescent today. I can’t confirm whether he got a wrap or a roll while there but he certainly bought something in Elverys and he seemed very humble about the whole transaction


No, its an open draw. Only fixtures that can’t happen are Wex v Gal and Cork v Clare


So it could be tipp v cork or Waterford tasty or Galway some brill hurling lies ahead


Agreed Joe. The two semis, irrespective of who plays who should be good.


And obviously Gal v Cark


I fancy ye to beat cork before I would Ye to beat Galway


What do you think


Clare to win the AI pulling up


And knowing us we would pull down :disappointed:


Well don’e today tipp


Are ye still in the Scor @Joe_Player???


I got home about really impressed with the new stadium


Cheers Joe, I’m beside myself with excitement.



That’s a brilliant interview by Shannon.


Savage. He was a favourite of mine growing up.


ok 2017 over but Clare are still going to be back


I don’t think Galway can draw kilkenny. Nor can anyone else :+1::+1::+1:


Are the club games back next week


Minor football next week