Clare Gaa Thread mark II


Continuing the discussion from Clare GAA Thread:

@Julio_Geordio there still value in the 2/1 but I have cooled somewhat given that O’Donnell and David Mcinerney are not going to be risked and Conor Ryan is also out injured.


Breached the 10k mark without half the angst displayed over on the Limerick lads thread. A noble achievement


Not as enjoyable a spectator thread however, it has to be said.


There’s no joy in that kind of voyeurism, it’s like watching a car crash over and over again.


Ah but what a car crash. Were you around for the corner back debate after the opening round of this years league? That was sensational.


I would expect the Clare team to be along following lines

Colin Ryan-Kelly-Honan

Ryan and Galvin could well switch as could Conlon and Honan. Kilkenny are likely to be down Paul Murphy, Michael Fennelly, Larkin, Conor Fogarty and a couple of other lads on the fringes of the starting team like Maher and Leennon


Has that stopped?


Only 6000 odd posts, 4 All Ireland Senior Hurling, 1 All Ireland U21 Hurling, 2 All Ireland Minor Hurling, 8 NHL Titles and 13 Munster Senior Hurling Titles behind us now lads.

Gaining ground :thumbsup: :ronnyroar:


Typical Clare, 60% of the posts already focused on their Limerick superiors



Fuck off out of it, I was here with my dig first…


It never really does, they just move onto whipping and hipping and come back around again.


I think he’ll persevere with Bobby Duggan, and Conlon will start somewhere in the half-forward line with the same brief to drift inside. Plenty talk of at least one of SOD, Kelly or Davy Mc being fit as well. Fitzgerald made such an impact the last day off the bench he might be held back as well, I’d imagine he’ll be used as a midfield/half-forward option


Duggan and Cunningham will lose out to bring Colin Ryan and Tony Kelly back into the side. Duggan might be retained if Kelly doesn’t start but he is expected to.

O’Donnell and David Mc are both out as is Conor Ryan. With the injuries in the backs he may have little choice but to start Fitzgerald or else retain O’Doherty or throw Morey back into the side despite having very little done. Given Fittzgerald’s impact the last day I think he will get the nod


He has never had much of an issue giving an inexperienced guy like Fitzgerald a shot if they are playing well


James Maher is definitely out, he had a bad accident on their farm last weekend.




Good to see you back Joe.



Good man Joe.


And you saw how many???


He is a loss he has been v good tj and Richie (who hasn’t been on form) are . really the only other two that will do damage. Colin Fennelly could do it but his finishing is poor enough. Will k Kelly start, he could be a danger too. Clare by the solitary 1