CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Portumna proximity to us keeps their eye on the ball for things like this


Portumna are known as Tipp cunts within Galway.


That they are. In other news, the nuances of this story suggest the outcome was both correct and predictable enough for turloughmore even as the game unfolded.


Tipptumna, actually…


Two things:

This is not the first time that this happened to Turlough

The draw threw up the Group of Death with 5 strong teams that go through to the knockout. If Portumna lose the next game then they are not a top 8 team, but the rules of team registration and selection are the same for everyone…


Fair enough but portumna should have taken their beating and left it at that.

Sad enough state of affairs when you object to a team playing one of their own player’s ffs.


I was told that, despite the lad in question being turloughs’ top scorer for the season, they started him on the bench, only bringing him on as the game was in the melting pot, and he duly scored four.
This series of events would suggest that they knew deep down that, however stupid the rule may be, they were in breach of it.
If this story is indeed true, then it’s an unhappy and unfortunate set of events, but the judgement against them was both inevitable and correct by the letter.


100% but what a fucking joke. Their own player ffs that wasn’t going to the states for another week.


There’s only one loser in this sorry affair and that’s James Horan, down to Galway from Mayo to promote the game (€€€€€)


Horan’s only angling for the football gig.


Theres a sad enough story behind this. Plus a county board fuck up in the version i heard.

Him not being allowed play is absolute bollox anyway in my opinion, he’s one of their own lads.


Something to do with a form being signed too early or some such, and I agree, but the fact that they started him on the bench suggests that they knew they were on thin ice.


Champions dethroned in Galway. Killimordaly win by 1.




TK continues to inspire!


Rahoon Newcastle were playing kiltormer earlier this year and were told to “fuck off back to yere swimming pools and tennis courts”


Big joe canning interview on newstalk this afternoon


I’ll be disappointed if i heard you weren’t installing both pal


Ballindereen v M/Eyrecourt in the intermediate final.


I see Portumna earned the most of their reprieve over the weekend beating Castlegar. Quarter final line up complete

Craughwell v Portumna
Liam Mellows v Clarenbridge
Gort v Killimordaly
Sarsfields v Cappataggle