CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Who are favourites to win it out?


No idea. Maybe some of the Galway lads can help you there. Gort I would hazard a guess and possibly Portumna or Sarsfields.


It’ll be even enough among four or five, just wondered who looked likely this year v




There is some irony here when you think of it . Galway are the best team in the country and the clubs teams are unlikely to win the AI club . They near dominated club hurling over the last twenty years but it didn’t translate to IC success


Quarter Finals:

Cappataggle beat Sarsfields
Gort beat Killimordaly
Craughwell beat Portumna
Liam Mellows/Clarinbridge draw


Portumna has 6 forwards who are playing for or have played intercounty at varying levels with Galway. Out of their 12 points ,Joe scored 10 from frees. He also scored 2 from play.


In fairness, Buff Egan did updates of their last game and they had Chunky Hayes at full forward and he was easily 3 stone overweight if not more. He actually did a fair bit of damage too to make it worse


Absolute joke galway champions get straight into all Ireland semi.


Think they scored something like 4-17 in that game


Fergal Healy is some operator all the same, shoving up on 41 and ran the show at times for Craughwell today.


Yeah and he got three of them despite not being able to run


After all their moaning and getting Turloughmore thrown out Portumna lose to Craughwell. I’m delighted for the Tipp cunts.


Who are those 6 forwards out of interest?


Joe and Jack Canning, the two Hayes, Andy Smith. Not sure who the sixth is. Ollie Canning is playing midfield this year for them.





I now have more respect for Joe. Hopefully he wins HOTY


Joe is HOTY, it’s been decided, don’t worry. His words of wisdom re body shaming will no doubt resonate with a few fat cunts on here


Is that John McIntyres nephew :grin:

No harm to call these cunts out.