CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


None at all. That article was written by a semi-literate. I’d say he must have had a bit of pull to get the job, but actually, he fits right in there
In mitigation, jc was espousing some very odd ideas. “water retention” sorted out by a chiropractor.
In truth, your mouth is bigger than your asshole, so if you don’t put the fork down, you get a backlog.


No harm to fire a few arrows across the Shannon to those cunts.


Has kinvara dried out yet?


Kinvara is well used of it Flatty. Most of the premises are raised up but one or two always get caught out.

At least the bay is nearly clean now.


Now is the time to crush all your enemies, when you stand astride the mountain, victorious.


Did you get a book for your birthday?
The ladybird guide to Shakespeare or some such?


Have the celebrations been epic? Dont understand how the four semi finalists feature just one player from the AI final


Doubt the county players care too much about the club championship this year.I think a lot of them held back in the earlier club games too.


A team wearing maroon with a Supermacs logo should be well able to celebrate .


Most of the galway players with average clubs. Thomas’s are decent to be fair, turloughmore thrown out and portumna well finished. Galway club hurling is not what it used to be.


Ballinderreen 1-14 Meelick-Eyrecourt 0-13 result. Lock up them phones


Was in clarinbridge with a few of the rahoon lads after their junior c demolition of kilbeacanty by 12(12) points to 11(11).
The ballindereen lads were there on their way home. I did ask whether Fifi was expected. Nice bunch of lads. Big side also.


My cousin’s three lads were playing today (another one for the things that make me feel old thread) great day for them all. Sherry’s or Paddy Burke’s??


We were halfway in the bar when the ballindereen posse arrived in. It was a bit tense. Like weshtside shtory.


The rahoon lads said their fullback is a fine hurler.


I was in it myself after that last night for the afters of a wedding, no rush on them closing :pint:


National Hurling League, Leinster, All Ireland, 7 All-stars, YHOTY & HOTY, that’ll do pig, that’ll do.


Donkey. It’s donkey.


The pig came before the donkey


Whelan with the cup at his feet over a decade ago.

You have to dream.