CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Happy Christmas to one and all!


Had this there from Mrs Hanbury

She sent it for my daughter, who is great friends with the dog


Baby Jesus Joe had Liam in the house for Christmas day


Well lads what do ye make of this fella !


Never heard of him




There but for the grace of god .


A Galway hurler in court yesterday.


Another mug




David Glennon stole 60k from his employer to gamble


Just read it there now - not a good day for Galway GAA players


He also bate his girlfriend a few years ago, a right tramp I’d say


When the head is fucked from gambling there’s no telling what depths you can sink to, he’s a cautionary tale


Mark Hehir must be a bit miffed that the GAA didn’t simply step in and pay his gambling debts, like they did for a more well known late GAA personality who had M. Hehir in his name.


Micheal O Hehir?


No, Martin Hehir.


100 quid a week? The company look like they’re getting bad deal here.


How many years will it take him to pay back €300k at this rate?


60 or thereabouts.