CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


I wouldn’t doubt you for a minute. Ye are going to be a serious force this year. Hipping & whipping like never before.


Kings in September

A title ye can only dream of pal


Is Eamonn Brannigan the best forward in the country right now?
Answer Yes


We are fucked lads. The footballers will do nothing this year because they have found a system has has them a disappointing 5 from 5 and the hurlers just lost the crunch game in the 2nd division. Just as they did last year.
I wonder sometimes why we even bother


We can enjoy race week again without the pressure of all Ireland semi finals weighing us down.


Hurling looks to be between Wexford and Limerick this year and probably for a good few years to come. You’ll always have 2017.


Impeach Donoghue


Hearing that Damien Comer has shot all our dear hurlers in the kneecaps and we will likely be trying out Connemara’s finest stickmen for this season.


He shot at them but missed.


We can book the summer holidays in comfort


Knock yourself out.


No Corofin lads for the League Final
Anyone give the Dubs a chance in this?


They’ll batter us a point a man.


We’ll ate them for breakfast


Have we ever beaten them in an important match?


We usually draw with them




Is it true there has been at least one or several brawls and mass brawls in each of our league matches this year? If so this is a welcome development, we have been too nice a team for far too long.


No just the scumbags teams eg Mayo and Dublin. Counties with self respect, eg Monaghan and Tyrone were there to play football