CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


We’re going to do it


It’s a thundering disgrace.
Funding should be based on playing population and number of clubs. The GAA are guilty of creating a football monopoly, based on gate receipts at Croke Park for a few games in summer.


Scan was a very good player but mad for the beer.i don’t know would he have progressed even if he did stay off the beer but on his day he was unmarkable…


Welcome to what the rest of us have been saying for about a decade


I hadn’t seen the actual numbers before, it’s staggering.


It’s disgraceful but that’s the way it’s gone now




Galway moaning before the match even starts. Even for the kings of whinge that’s a new low.


Dubs are rattled bad, we have these cunts


Is the whole of Dublin sponging on welfare? Even the gaaaah team


You’re not a real Dub if you’re not on the scratcher. My pal Joxer from Ballyfermot told me this


Shane Walsh on the bench again tomorrow. I hope he gets a decent run at some point, if he manages to get it together in Croker it would be just the shot in the arm his confidence needs heading into the championship


It’s a real head scratcher, from our best forward a few years ago to now not on the starting 15 at age 22. Hopefully things turn around for him as he is a joy to watch in full flow.


His talent is undeniable but he has not matured, keeps taking the wrong option and making the same mistakes again and again. Was a glorified passenger in the league this yer. We have shored up considerably and I still believe in the lad, if Galway are going to do any serious damage this year we have to somehow get the best out of Walsh


Spot on


I hope some of ye Galway cunts made some money on the back of my football knowledge


Tá siad ag imeacht abhaile gan tada ach truflais. Amadáin!


Bí cúramach a mhac, nó beidh orm na roth ar an Bherlingo a phléascadh.


Galway XV vs Kilkenny

  1. James Skehill

  2. Adrian Tuohy

  3. Daithi Burke

  4. John Hanbury

  5. Padraic Mannion

  6. Gearoid McInerney

  7. Aidan Harte

  8. Johnny Coen

  9. David Burke (Capt.)

  10. Cathal Mannion

  11. Joe Canning

  12. Joseph Cooney

  13. Conor Whelan

  14. Conor Cooney

  15. Cornelius Cannon


Skehill is overdue an incident