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Where’s that?

Any connection to the Hulk, aka Big Joe Joyce?

Beat shite out of another in a garage in Blarney yesterday

Sure they were bullied by the settled kids in School, that’s what happened them.


Crazy stuff- just watched travellers and crime CH4 boiling after it,they destroy everything they go near ,in Britain and Ireland- same problems,same excuses from the left loonies

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Would the lefties in the UK be pro travelers? What about the continentals.
Wonder what they make of them…

Fair play to paddy Doherty. Told the truth.

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You’re using this thread to cry about racism?

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A grandson or grand-nephew afaik

Recorded using a spud.

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Heard 20 odd squad cars moved n the halting site on the Gort Road out of Ennis yesterday.

Is it boiling up down there too?

Feud going with another crowd, did a callout with firearms involved

They got a fine call out yesterday apparently.

No harm. Same cunts fleecing work vans all over.

Saw that a few days ago,it’s ongoing rubbish that’s allowed to happen time and time again, FFS the law sorted Limerick Dundons etc to a large extent, but it’s a softly softly approach to pikeys

Who knew the microphone on a spud was so good


Hope they keep the fuckers out, imagine the mayhem