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“A highly respected member of the travelling community”

Has Blackie Connors croaked it?

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John Connors 🤷

That’s a first, although Paddy Doherty was v up front ref travellers and crime

Not Cork pls,we’ve enough , need to go back to the ancestral home Limerick

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Lovely,pity the poor people anywhere near them

Where was that act of love happening?


Its mad how they swore months ago they mad peace before it blew up again

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He gave him the narrow of it.

He did, he’s wielded one before

Nothing wrong with the whure,was boasting next day on WhatsApp video I got about what’ he’s going to do to get revenge

They were all bullied in school.


Got that last week that’s supposed to be in Offaly AFAIK

Have pavee point been out defending these recent incidents?

The Guards were like, fuck this I’m out. And they dead fucking right

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The guards took off quick enough when it all kicked off.


Where was this?