Club before county 2021

I hope this doesn’t happen but id have a feeling it will. Imagine rural clubs where club is heart of the community been out of the club championship in April/May? Be awful but all that matter in higher echelons is money.

You’d have a what?

I don’t get you?

An about turn by the Croke Park lads last night.

Thinking the vaccine will allow for crowds to be let in for the inter county stuff at the end of the year. And create cash flow.

Be better for all concerned to have county first I’d have thought.

Some clubs will be delighted though if it will mean they will the young lads that had planned on going travelling or whatever (if it that will be even possible)!

Bloody hell, disaster. John Fogarty is very pro inter county scene so id take what he says with a pinch of salt.

Ah sure there’ll always be lads travelling.

Big advantage to clubs with flood lights if there’s going to be knock out games in May.

County managers pulling and dragging out of lads too.

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I have other sauces.

Probably no all ireland club next year either then.

No chance id imagine. I enjoy the inter county scene but way more interest in the club myself. Rather have club to look forward to in August. Keeps the local field active.

Some counties haven’t even finished their club championships for 2020 yet so that could scupper these potential plans.

Like asking Leinster football counties to have their county championship over in May when all they have to look forward to is a hammering by Dublin is laughable.

What’ll they do?

Play the league in Feb/March then club April to July and back for an inter county championship from August onwards?

Id imagine so. Cash is king.

Where are ye all getting this I thought the format for next year was released already with County first?

Examiner journalist John fogarty tweeted it earlier.

Stick up the tweet there

Don’t know how mate.

I was told this last night this was coming. That a u-turn was on the cards with the club to be run of first. There was a meeting last night about it.

Clubs back scrambling and forking out big money to get access to astro and flood lights to be ready to play championship in April. In 2021 the clocks don’t change until the 28th of March so no midweek pitch sessions for clubs without lights until then.

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