Club Championships 2017


Was just checking there, Portlaoise vs Moorefield in the deferred match.


Did @KinvarasPassion let them a field to play this game on?


Couple of goal chances there for Corofin, not taken.


Way too goal hungry, much better side but need to be more patient.


Corofin are asleep here


Brigid’s caught badly there, nice kickpass but poor starting positions from the full-back line.


That goal was coming .


They’re motoring well now alright


No cunt will ever cross my boundary to kick a ball. Shinty or stick hurling only.


Proper fucking order


That was a top class score for Corofin.


Is it Connacht v Ulster this year in the semis?

Corofin v Slaughtneil promises to be some game.


A lot of fairly heavy lads in that Brigids side.


Nearly sure it’s Munster v Ulster.


Vincent’s trailing 7-6 at half time.


Munster v Ulster , yes .


Rathnew up by 3 now.


Referee keeping Brigids in it here.


Them cunts are always tough . In 2000 they bate a na Fianna team with Dessie , Jayo , McGeeney etc .


Game back on there, goal for Brigid’s.